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Hey, so you know how I've been posting those Apocalypse Weird covers?

Well we have an IndieGoGo project that just went up to raise money for more books, which means I'll get to do more covers!

If you like reading books about the end of the world, or even just like supporting my art, consider contributing. OR, at the very least please share the campaign with your networks on twitter, facebook, wherever you think people might be interested.


I'm doing a giveaway on my twitter if anyone follows me on there.
It is the very last copy of the Gadinel's book (Edition #13!), free for one lucky winner who comments on or retweets my post.

I will randomly draw the winner 2pm PST on Halloween.
We've sold all 100 copies of the physical Gardinel's book, way faster than expected!

If you missed out but would still like to read the stories, we’re selling digital copies of Gardinels now for $2(or pay what you want) at

Okay nearly done constantly talking about this book!

We're down to less that 20 copies and then they are gonna be gone forever ever.

If you don't order by this weekend they'll probably be gone (if not sooner)

We have around 30 copies left of the book, going down from 100 in just a weeks time! wowww

If you like haunted houses, and spooky stories, and supporting artists you like, consider getting one before they are gone forever and you are haunted with regret.
My first ever self-published work! Out now just in time for the Halloween season!

In this 32-page chapbook, you'll find 13 ominous domiciles, each with a suitably haunted history, including tales of witchcraft, hidden fortunes, accusations of vampirism, demonic portraits, a haunted chair, and several experiments of a "most unusual nature." Pictures by M. S. Corley, words by Orrin Grey.

Measuring 5.5" x 8.5"

Get yours here

Limited edition of 100, so once they are gone, they're gone forever!


Only 50 left! and its only been available for a day, wow!
I've added bunch more prints to my inPRNT store

Some of my more popular/requested pieces are up now, including my Batman villain redesigns. If theres something else you guys want let me know and I'll upload it if there is enough interest.

Thought I would offer to do some commissions if anyone is interested.

$7 for a single character 4x6 original marker portrait signed and mailed to you. PAYPAL ONLY
End result would look like these:…

Email me at corleyms (at) yahoo (dot) com with your request and shipping address.

Any character you want or original OC. Just provide me some reference if its an OC, otherwise I can do a Google search on the character if I don't know it.

-No nudity, sex, lolicon, or yaoi (keep it clean people)

(NOTE: This is for Marker portraits for individuals only, price is not representative of any other type of art commission I do)

I just joined twitter if anyone is into that.
I'm a n00b on it so be gentle.!/corleyms
I'm giving away a few pieces of original art over on my blog.
Check it out.
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My Frankenstein cover will appear on the Series premier of Ridley Scott's new show 'Prophets of Science Fiction' Wednesday Nov 9th at 10pm on the Science Channel.…

The first episode deals with Mary Shelley so thats why the cover will show up. I don't know to what extent it will appear, but cool none the less, keep an eye out!
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Hey guys, if you have a facebook and a spare 4 seconds could you go here:…

and click on my picture and "like" it?

Voting is going on now through Wednesday and I'd love your support!

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Heyyyy everybody!

I would love if you could take the time to vote for my book cover entry for this Murakami art contest.
Mine is the blue faced thumbnail that should be in the upper right hand corner of Page 5.

Thanks soooooooooooooooooooo much!…
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The final issue to The Strange Case of Mr Hyde is out now!
Check it out at your local comic shop or on…

you can see a few pages preview on my blog:…
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THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. HYDE came out Wednesday June 29th!
This issue is the most exciting, rooftop horse chases anyone?

If you like comics and want to support me check it out!

You can see a preview here:…
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THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. HYDE is in stores today Wednesday May 25th!
Cheap price and 22 pages of art, even better than Issue 1 in my opinion.

If you like comics and want to support me check it out!

You can see a preview here:…
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I rarely write journals here, but I figure this is a monumental occasion for me so I might as well.

Shameless self-promotion to follow -----------

If your reading this I can safely assume you like my art in some fashion and if thats the case I have a request, go to your local comic shop today with $3.50 and purchase the first issue of THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. HYDE. Its full of my art, 22 pages worth, plus a fancy cover!

This is the first published comic series I've ever done, so it is particularly special to me. And if, IF, sales are good enough there is the possibility for it to become an ongoing series! That would be amazing, drawing comics is what I want to do for a profession so I need your help to get there.

And if you don't care for the art inside, you can at least know its a good story. Its a sequel of sorts to Robert Louis Stevenson's novel DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE and it mixes in the Jack the Ripper Legend/History. So its just a great period piece if your into that sort of thing, and I just can't get enough of it

Thanks for reading this even if you don't buy it, and super props if you purchase the comic!

-M. S. Corley

OH and here's a preview of the first 8 pages if your interested in seeing it:
(Sorry for the low resolution)…
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Hey everyone, I'm having a bit of a giveaway for a couple free drawings over on my blog.…

If your interested post a comment on my blog(not here on DA) and you'll be eligible.

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This is the penultimate week for the Capcom fan art contest, this weeks Robot master was Solar Man.

Voting is open till Sunday at midnight.
If you have a few seconds go here:…

I'd love a vote for "M.S.Corley"

Thanks everyone!
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Hello Everyone,

I entered Capcom-Unity's Megaman 10 fan art contest this week for 'Chill Man' and voting just went up.

I'd love if you took 10 seconds of your time and voted for me.
Just go here:…
Scroll down to "M.S.Corley" click the little circle by my name and then scroll down and click "Vote!"

And by all means you don't have to vote for me, if you see something you like better feel free to vote for them, It'd just be great if I got your votes.

No obligation of course but my happiness is guaranteed.
Thanks everyone!! Carry on
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